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“Tempest ratchets up the intensity . . . Relentless pacing . . .  Like 007 with a CPA card.”  Kirkus Reviews (CQ)

“Exciting read . . . Hard to put down.”  Midwest Book Review (CC)

“Great plot twists . . . Like a game of chess.” Kirsten Gilbert Krenicky (CX)


Financial sleuth Oliver Steele works with billionaire Carlton Tisch to bring down a murderous casino owner on Antigua.

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To catch a killer, Steele confronts high stakes gamblers in Las Vegas and Monte Carlo battling for $400 million of ‘potentate capital.’

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Steele hunts Qaddafi’s missing millions for a Macau casino owner. Death lurks around the corner in Tripoli, London and New York.

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Graham Tempest is an accountant and novelist based in Florida.

After a seesaw British education at eight different schools he squeaked into Cambridge by the skin of his teeth and spent his college days writing for the university newspaper and boating on the Cam; he was a co-owner of the dark green punt George F. Babbitt.

He graduated as a mechanical engineer, switched to accounting and worked for an investment bank in London. He later moved to Los Angeles as a CPA in Santa Monica specialising in taxation. Along the way he discovered Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, the home of Oliver Steele’s wealthy client Tisch. He divides his time between Florida and Oxfordshire playing hit-and-miss golf on both sides of the Atlantic.

Steele, the central character in the CASINO novels, is an accountant with a shady past and Tempest admits to a resemblance. Addicted to travel, he has visited most of the same places as Steele.


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Cracking Qaddafi’s safe

The Central Bank of Libya is holding $184 million of gold and silver coins bearing the face of the late Col. Qaddafi in a 48-year-old British-made vault which they can’t get open. A rival government has the code. Khaled, a safecracker, has been hired to help but... read more

When is a rock?

The tiny (110 acre) outpost of Itu Aba in the Spratly archipelago of the South China Sea is claimed by Taiwan to be an island; the Philippines claim it’s a rock. Island status comes with a 200 mile exclusion zone but, if a rock, only 12 miles. Or is it just a... read more

Brits return crooked loot

Britain is returning to Macau the $44 million ill-gotten gains of Ao Man-long, now serving a 29 year sentence for corruption. He was in charge of approving land sales to property developers in land-starved Macau. Link:... read more


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